Justin and Chelsea at SwamisToucan Homes strives to provide calm to homeowners who are challenged by the many uncertainties that arise when unexpected circumstances demand a need to sell property quickly.

Whether you’re facing foreclosure, are going through a divorce or bankruptcy, find yourself with mounting medical bills, or for any other reason need to quickly sell your property, Toucan Homes can help. Justin and Chelsea – founders of Toucan Homes – can provide the expertise you need to avoid the traditional short-sale process and emerge in a better financial posiiton to rebound.

By working as a mediator between real estate agents and lenders, Toucan Homes helps homeowners by:
• steering them through the unknowns of the sale process
• educating them on the options that exist regarding bankruptcy and foreclosure
• resolving complicated ownership issues as part of the probate process
• working with couples who are seeking a divorce

Justin and Chelsea build their business by building relationships founded on integrity, professionalism and trust. With the advantage of having established relationships with realtors and lenders, they help ensure that short-sales run smoothly, always with the goal of seeing a seller build a solid foundation to ensure that future financial options will exist – even homeownership.

Coincidentally, the southern California-based couple launched their careers in real estate while looking for a home of their own. Recognizing that so many homeowners around their hometowns of San Diego and Modesto were in need of assistance concerning property ownership and the selling process – and understanding that real estate transactions often require legal knowledge beyond that of the typical homeowner – Justin and Chelsea realized they were in a position to help. They designed Toucan Homes specifically to work quickly with banks, realtors and homeowners, helping homeowners avoid credit-damaging foreclosure and bankruptcy by avoiding the traditional pitfalls that arise as part of typically time-consuming shortsale process.

Don’t let foreclosure, divorce, bankruptcy, or a death in the family jeopardize your financial freedom. Selling real estate can be an overwhelming prospect to many people; needing to sell real estate quickly can be downright frightening. It might feel like you need a miracle, but you don’t. You need Toucan Homes.


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